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Nevado de ColimaTrip Overview: 

Height: 4,260m / 13,976 ft

  • 6:00am: Leave Leon, GTO

  • 10:30am Arrive to Ciudad Guzmán

  • 11:00am Brunch

  • 2:00pm Set up basecamp

  • 3:00pm Gear check

  • 3:30pm Acclimatation hike

  • 5:00pm Dinner

  • 6:00pm Bonfire

  • 8:30pm Lights out

  • 2:00am Wake up and get ready

  • 3:00am "Summit push"

  • 7:00am Summit

  • 8:00am Descend

  • 11:00am Back to base camp

  • 11:30 am Breakfast

  • 1:00pm Drive back to Leon

“May your adventures bring you closer together, even as they take you far away from home.” – Trenton Lee Stewart

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